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Base Platform Charts Types

These chart types are available with the base platform:


Cost Trend Plan

Current Year Gantt

Grouped Horizontal Timed Bar

Half Donut


Horizontal Diverging Bar

Horizontal Normalized Stacked Bar

Horizontal Timed Bar

Multi Line

Nested List

Nested Score List

Pivot Table



Spline Area

Stacked Area

Stacked Horizontal Timed Bar

Stacked Vertical Timed Bar

Timed Donut

Timed Grouped Horizontal Bar

Timed Grouped Vertical Bar

Timed Half Donut

Timed Pie

Tree Map

Trend Line Comparison

Trend Table

Vertical Diverging Bar

Vertical Grouped Bar

Vertical Normalized Stacked Bar

App Specific Chart Types

These chart types become available when the associated app is purchased.

Change Management App

CAB Status Map

Change Process Flow Map Single

Change Risk

Change Status Map

Multi Change Process Flow Map

Demand Acceleration App

Demand State Tracker Multi

Demand State Tracker Single

Portfolio Reporting App

Portfolio Level Program Heatmap

Program Reporting App

Program Level Project Heatmap

Program Level Project Status Map

Project Status App

Project Timeline


Status Map

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