When you are in a View that you want to edit, click the Charts icon, search for 'List', and select 'List' from the options.

The List Chart will be added to your slide, while the Data Sources tab automatically opens. Complete the two steps of selecting the type of data source you would like to use. Save.

The Chart Option tab will automatically open. Set the chart options as you prefer.

Create your columns by clicking, '+ ADD COLUMNS FIELDS'

The Columns modal will pop-up. Click '+ ADD FIELDS' again to add a column.

Once the field selector appears, find the desired field and select it.

Repeat that process to add all of your columns fields, then click 'SAVE'

You will be taken back to the Chart Options tab. There you will see confirmation of the number of columns you have added to your list.

After confirming the number of columns is correct and everything is set up as you wish, click Save.

Your list will appear on your slide:

You can further style your list chart by making sure the chart is selected and clicking on the 'STYLE' icon.

Can't decide how to style your chart? Or do you want some help? VividCharts Customer Success team is happy to help!

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