Step 1: While in the View Editor, click on the 'Charts' icon on the left hand navigator bar

Step 2: Search for and select the Score Chart

Step 3: In the Data tab, select Table as your data source. For this example, we are using the Resource Plan table as our data source.

Step 4: In the Chart Options, complete the required chart options and click save.

Use the below as an example:

Step 5: Once the chart has been created, click on the STYLE menu to adjust the style options.

Example styled Score Chart:

In this example, the below elements have been adjusted:

  • Title

    • Title- Requested Resources

    • Font Family - Gill Sans

    • Font Size - 32px

    • Alignment - Center

    • Position - Top

    • Text Color - #FFFFFF

    • Border Color - #000000 (allows for a bottom border for the title)

  • Container styles

    • Background -

    • Border Radius - 6 (allows for 6px rounded edge)

  • Score styles

    • Font Family - Gill Sans

    • Font Size - 40

    • Text color- #FFFFFF

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