Field selector charts allow you to display data for a particular field off of any table. Field selector charts come in handy when you're interested is displaying specific field data, rather than data for an entire table.

Step 1: While in the View Editor, click on the 'Charts' icon on the left hand navigator bar

Step 2: Search for and select the Field Selector chart

Step 3: Choose your Data Source (most often, this will be 'Table'), and the specific Table you'd like to use and click 'SAVE'

Step 4: In the Chart Options, choose a Record to reference, the number of columns, and the number of rows you'd like to include. You can choose to include only 1 column and 1 row to display a single field, or you can choose multiple columns and rows to create a grid of fields.

Step 5: Once you have selected your record and the number of columns and rows you'd like to include, click on the 'SELECT FIELDS' icon to choose the fields you'd like to reference.

Step 6: From here you will have the option to choose from a dropdown list of fields that are available on the table you chose as your data source. Once you have selected your field(s), click 'SAVE'

Step 7: Click the save button once more on the chart options page.

Step 8: This will load your field selector chart. From here, you can style and place the chart.

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