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Editor: The Basics
Editor: The Basics

The Editor explained

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The editor introduces a more intuitive and unified experience. This experience enables a simplified workflow to create, style and share Views of your data.

As you create new Views with single or multiple slides, you will discover the flexibility you need to not only generate your visualizations, but create presentations that tell your data's story in a way that is customized to your company and audience.

To access the View Editor click the pencil icon on a View

This will take you to the editor:

The Basics:

  • All of your creation happens inside of the editor.

  • The key features which allow you to create customized Views include: single and multi-slide options, chart library, lists library, text, shape and image elements, palettes, slide formatting and filters.

  • Organize Views within the editor by changing the title, adding a description, manage its collections or apply tags for better discovery.

  • Filters can be applied to all slides, a single slide or even a single chart.

  • The frequency at which the data is refreshed can be configured from the editor.

Using Editor:

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