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Add a Chart to a View
Add a Chart to a View

How to start adding charts to your Views

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In the Editor for a given View, we will walk through how to add charts to the View.

To start the process, click the 'Charts' icon on the left-hand panel:

This will open the list of chart types you have available. You can search or scroll through this list to find the chart you want to use. For now, find the 'Vertical Bar' chart and click it.

This will open up our chart data configuration panel. First, we will need to select a data source type. For now, select 'Table' and then we'll search for the 'Incident' table and select it. Once you have done that, click 'SAVE'.

You will now see the chart data options panel. Some of these will be required depending on the chart type you select. At the top, you can expand the condition builder to filter the data set. In this example, we've filtered the data to only show active incidents and have grouped by the 'Category' field.

Once you have the options filled out, click 'SAVE' and your chart will be placed on the canvas:

Now that you have your new chart on the canvas, you can size it and position it as needed. You can also style the chart by clicking the 'STYLE' button on the toolbar. If you ever need to change the data options, you can click the 'DATA' button on this chart.

Once you are done editing this chart, you will need to click 'SAVE' on the Editor to save your changes. If you aren't done working, you can continue to add charts or slides before saving.

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