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Report Generator


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The report generator functionality allows a user to create a view with pre-collected static data to share without having to go through the sometimes lengthy process of live data collection. Benefits include:

  1. Faster load times

  2. Seamless viewer experiences

  3. Generated reports can be temporary (cleaned out nightly) or made permanent.

Reports can be generated from different areas of the VividCharts UI and can be generated where this button is present.

This can found in the following areas:

  • On the home collections screen

  • Within a collection

  • A prompt when opening a View in viewer mode

  • From within the view editor

To utilize the Report Generator, first create a view with at least 1 dynamic filter. This dynamic filter must be applied to the slide deck.

When opening the Report Generator, there are 3 steps to generate a report.

Step 1:

  • Enter a title for your Report

  • Using the drop down menu select the view which is the base of your report. (If you are already within a view, that view will be pre-populated)

  • Select whether it is a Permanent Report or not

    • Non-permanent reports will auto delete at midnight of the day the report is generated

    • Permanent reports will not auto-delete

  • To move to the next step, click Select Filters

Step 2:

  • If the view has filters, they will be listed here. Select whatever filter criteria is appropriate for the report.

  • If the view has no filters, none will be listed.

  • To go to the next step click Create Report

Step 3:

  • Confirm report generation by clicking Create New Report. If not, simply click close.

After generating a report, it can be found in the My Reports collection on the Collections home page.

If the report has not finished generating, the Status will say “Generating”. You do not have to stay on this page and can return at a later time if desired. If the report status is “Ready”, the report can be viewed and shared just like a standard View.

To View the report, click on the “Eye” icon.

To view the deletion time of a report if it is not flagged as permanent, simply hover over the “Triangle” icon next to the view icon and its deletion time will be displayed


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