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Turn a View into a Summary Template for Demand Review
Turn a View into a Summary Template for Demand Review
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Note: Template creation is only available to users with the VividCharts Admin Role

Step 1:

Create View that you want to turn into a template

Step 2:

Take a screen snip of the View to utilize for Template thumbnail and save to local drive with file name matching the View name

Step 3:


Step 4:

Select "Summary Template". Click NEXT

Step 5:

Select "Demand". Click NEXT

Step 6:

Do a check to make sure all fields are filled out by scrolling to the bottom. Not seeing a table that you have utilized? Or have questions? Reach out to your CSM! Once all tables are confirmed, click NEXT.

Step 7:

Fill out all required fields:

  1. Title: This should be the same title as your View.

  2. Description: This helps give more context to this template.

  3. Upload a screen shot to help identify this template.

  4. Select a record to PREVIEW and test your template.

Step 8:

Test your template. PREVIEW will open a new tab with a preview of the Summary View. Each chart will have the Demand condition automatically applied. This is a great opportunity to test to see if all of your charts are configured as desired.

Step 9:

Once the PREVIEW has been tested, click SAVE AS NEW. This will close the "Save as a template" window and will prompt you to click SAVE in the upper right corner.

Step 10:

Go to the Demand Hub to build a Summary.


Make edits to your template and choose UPDATE instead of SAVE AS NEW.

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