Turn a Template into a Summary Template for Demand Review

Step 1:

Open “Apps” from the Left-Hand Navigation Bar. Select 'Demand Review Hub'

Step 2:

Select “View all Summaries”

Step 3:

Select "Template Builder"

Step 4:

Complete the Template builder per below instructions:

  1. Title: (Title of Summary Template) "Demand Review"

  2. Description: (Description of Summary Template) "1 page Demand Review"

  3. Image: Upload the previously saved image of the Demand Review Template

  4. Select from templates: (Name of template being used for Summary) In this example we are using "Demand Template 1"

  5. Customer Facing: Toggle ON

  6. Template feature groups: Select “Demand Acceleration App”

  7. Select table and assign data path: Map each table used in the template by specifying the relationship to the Demand record.

    Table = dmn_demand

    Location ID (Primary) = sys_id

    Location ID (Secondary) = false

Step 5:

Once all tables used in the template have a data path assigned, select the 'Submit' Button, then 'Back to Home'

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