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Collections: The Basics
Collections: The Basics

Collections explained

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A Collection in VividCharts is a space for you to logically organize your ServiceNow Data. A Collection can be private to just you, or you can share it with others in your organization. When you first start out with VividCharts, you may only see the default Collection titled "Your Views". From here, you can create and share as many Collections as you like.

A Collection can contain a VividCharts View, VividCharts Summary, link to a ServiceNow Report, link to a ServiceNow Dashboard, link to a ServiceNow Performance Analytics content, or just a hyperlink.

An example of a Collection use case could be a place where you store all of your Incident Management Views so you don't have to search all over the place for them.

Below is a screenshot of a Collection detail page that lists out all of the Views within it:

The Basics:

  • All Views that you create are stored in the 'Your Views' Collection by default.

  • A Collection can be a personal organization tool, but you can also share a Collection with others based on user, group or roles.

  • When a Collection is shared, users can see all Views and links added to the Collection, however, they will only be able to view or edit the View if given permissions to that View.

  • When a Collection is deleted, it will not delete the Views within the Collection. This action only deletes the Collection.

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