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Build A Demand Review Summary
Build A Demand Review Summary

How to build your own summary

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Step 1:

Click 'Apps' on the top navigation bar. Select 'Demand Review Hub'

Step 2:

Select 'Summary Builder'

Step 3:

Select 'Configure'

Step 4:

Confirm the correct process area is selected: 'Demand. Then click the arrow to continue.

Step 5:

Select the template you wish to use for your status report. Then click the arrow to continue.

Step 6:

Choose your preferred card template, then Click the Arrow to Move on to next step.

Step 7:

Add any additional pre-filter by setting preferred conditions.

Step 8(Version 1.5 and later):

Select the frequency of when you would like your summary data to be refreshed. The VividCharts refresher role, Edit access to the Summary, and you must be logged into ServiceNow to refresh your summary data on-demand.

Step 9:

Select "SAVE". Your views are generating. Stay on this page, or return and they will be ready.

Step 10:

Select “Customize”

Choose the elements you with to update using the below example as reference:

Your Summary has been configured! Now you are ready to Add to a Collection, Filter, create Sets, and Share.

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