Step 1:

Create View that you want to turn into a template

Step 2:

Take a screen snip of the view to utilize for Template thumbnail and save to local drive with file name matching the View name

Step 3:

Click “File” drop down, then select “Save as Template”

Step 4:

Complete the Template Form per below instructions:

  1. Add a Template Title that describes the view

  2. Add a description that outlines what the view shows

  3. Upload previously saved thumbnail (Do Not Skip this Step)

  4. Do not select "Designed view template"

  5. Select "MSP Hub App" for the feature group

  6. Do not toggle “Make template customer facing”. Keep this turned off. Turning "Make template customer facing" to "on", will allow builders to see the template on the "Templates" page. Any changes made will modify the template. With a MSP Hub template, this is generally not advised.

  7. If this is the first time this View is being made into a Template, skip this step. If not, select 'Update this template'

  8. Select “Save” button

Step 5:

Select “Save”, wait for confirmation, then select “Publish”

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