The Project Timeline chart type gives a visual representation of a project’s key dates as well as the percent complete of the project as a whole. The key dates that are represented and planned start and end, actual start and end, and today’s date.


  • Data

    • Source

      • Table

    • Table

      • Pm_project

  • Chart Options

    • Record

      • This determines which project record will populate the chart in the template, but has no bearing on the information displayed on the Views generated within the Summary as a View will be generated for each project record that falls within the Summary pre-filter.

  • Styles

    • The visual aspects of the Project Timeline chart type can be configured using styling options through the View editor. When opening the style options for the Project Timeline chart type, the chart specific options are:

      • Data labels

        • Determines the font style, size, color, and orientation of the date tick marks on the bottom of the chart.

      • Text Labels

        • Determines whether to display the dates for the key dates on the chart type as well as the font color, size, and style. These will be displayed next to the date label.

      • Timeline Styles

        • This

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