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Status Map = project_status

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The status map chart type will show the status colors from the Overall Health, Schedule, Cost, Resources, and Scope fields from a project status report record. This chart can be configured on a View template and will be generated for each Project via a Summary


  • Data

    • Source

      • Table

    • Table

      • project _status

  • Chart Options

    • Conditions

      • This can be left blank. We will be pulling the desired information from the project status records during Summary generation

    • Record

      • This determines which project status record will populate the chart in the template, but has no bearing on the information displayed on the Views generated within the Summary

    • Click Through

      • Clicking on the Status Map chart will take the user to the Project Status record. If the desired effect is to take the user to another web address, this field can be updated to accomplish this.

    • Make Clickable

      • Toggle this selection to determine whether the Status Map is clickable

  • Styles

    • The visual aspects of the Status Map can be configured using styling options through the View editor. When opening the style options for the Status Map, the chart specific options are:

      • Color Mapping

        • This determines the color displayed for green, yellow, and red statuses and can be changed simply by clicking on each color type and selecting the desired color from the color picker.

      • Shape

        • This option toggles the status map pips between a circle or square shape.

      • Shape Size

        • The size of the color pips in pixels

      • Labels

        • Toggle Label

          • This toggles whether the status labels are visible.

        • Field Labels

          • Entering values in each field will update the labels displayed for each status pip. If nothing is entered, the display labels will default to the each status types name.

      • Orientation

        • Controls the alignment of the status pips between horizontal alignment or vertical alignment.

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