Step 1: In ServiceNow, go the the table you would like to report off of.

Step 2: Enter the filter conditions that you would like to see on the chart and click Run.

Step 3: Right click or press Shift + Space to open menu on the last condition in your filter.

Step 4: Click copy query.

Step 5: Go to VividCharts and click Charts to create a new chart.

Step 6: Select the chart you would like to use. Select your data source as Table then select your table.

Step 7: Once in the Chart Options, click PREVIEW QUERY to paste the copied query into the text box.

Step 8: The query will automatically load into the Condition builder on the chart.

Note: Clicking PREVIEW will open a list on the incident table in this instance of ServiceNow with the current query applied.

Step 9: Complete the remaining chart options then click SAVE.

Step 10: Your chart is complete!

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