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Filter Overrides

How to use and apply a filter override to a static or dynamic filter

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Many Views do not just use a single data source. And as we all know, different data sources may call things differently. Maybe you are filtering by priority but on one source it's called priority, while another might call it inc_priority. Thankfully filter overrides have your back allowing you to specify and override filter behavior for specific charts to ensure you get the maximum usage from your filters.

Filter overrides are created by adding a filter override to a specific filter using the ADD FILTER OVERRIDE button.

In this example, we are using a static filter. We have selected the 'Incident' table and the 'Assigned to' field.

Now we will click ADD FILTER OVERRIDE to override 'Assigned To' with Request.Requested For Fred Luddy.

Start by adding a title and selecting a table.

To dot walk to the desired field, click on the arrow next to the first field, then search for the second field.

You have now successfully created a filter override.

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