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The VividCharts Home page will be the jumping off point for any builder using VividCharts. This is where you can search and create Views, Collections, and more. From the home page, you can easily access Templates, Apps, and the Help Center.

The Home page will quickly become second nature to you.

Clicking the VividCharts 'V' icon will direct you to this home page.

Clicking Templates will direct you to all the View Templates that are available to you.

Clicking Apps will open a dropdown menu with all the apps within the Data Engagement Platform. All though all apps are visible to you, not all apps have been purchased and activated. Reach out to VividCharts with any questions about setting up apps!

  • Project Status Hub

  • Demand Review Hub

  • Program Status Hub

  • Portfolio Health Hub

  • Managed Service Provider Hub

Clicking Help Center will open https://help.vividcharts.com/ in a new window.

Clicking CREATE VIEW will create a new View and take you to the Editor.

The Search bar will allow you to easily search for Views and Collections that have been created.

Clicking the 'i' icon will give you information about what VividCharts roles have been assigned to you, along with the ServiceNow and VividCharts version information.

Clicking Starred Only will only show you your collections that you have starred.

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