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Terms and Definitions

Get to know the VividCharts vocabulary

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A grouping or folder of Views, Summaries, or links that can be edited or viewed. Collections can be starred, shared, and created by VividCharts builders.

Views are stored in Collections. A View includes one or more slides made in the Editor. A View can exist in just 1 or multiple Collections. All Views that a user creates are automatically stored in the default Collection 'Your Views'. Views can be starred for easy access within a Collection. A View will always have the View Icon next to it.

View icon

The space where a user creates and makes changes to a View.

The primary element that can be placed on a slide.

In the Editor, a View is built on a slide. Elements such as charts are placed on slides. There can be multiple slides in a View; they can be copied and deleted individually.

Used to apply certain conditions to Views.

Views can be previewed in the Viewer. The filter panel is used to add filters and other functions. The Viewer can be reached inside a View, in a Collection, or in a URL sent to an end-user.

View Access
Ability for users to look at a View.

Edit Access

Ability for users to interact and change a view.

chart template

Pre-made chart that make up a View template.

View template

Chart templates combined into one pre-made View.


A conditioned or filtered list of items (i.e. projects, demands, etc.) that allows you to view a standardized reports for each item.

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