Please Note: Summaries must have been created and views generated before configuration of the UI Actions

  1. Navigate to the Summary containing the view to click through to, and note the name of the summary (for example, Active Projects)

  2. After taking note of the name, navigate to the View Portal Connection Table in ServiceNow. This can be found by typing “x_vivid_vc_core_view_portal_connection.list” in the ServiceNow navigator. This will list the portals available in your instance, and the associated views.

  3. Find the record for the summary you would like to use from step 1 above. In this case, Active Projects.

  4. Right click on the record you would like to use, and choose copy sys_id. Here we click on the record with the view Active Projects. The sys_id will copy to your clipboard.

  5. Next update the System Property. In the System Property table search for ‘x_vivid_itbm.portal_connection’ in the Name field. Update this System Property’s value to the sys_id copied from step 4.

To toggle whether the Project UI Action is visible or not:

  1. Navigate to a project and open the project record. Right click on the top gray header and open the context list.

  2. Open the Configure option and click on UI Actions.

  3. In the UI Actions table, search for the action by the name displayed on the link on the record.

  4. Open the record and toggle the active flag to false to remove it from the project record. Turn it back to true to reactive and have it show on the record when necessary.

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