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Installing VividCharts
Initial Installation and Setup
Initial Installation and Setup

Let's get VividCharts in your instance.

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Installing VividCharts in your own environment is straight-forward and can be accomplished end-to-end within a day. Below, we'll outline the steps you need to take along with the steps the VividCharts team will take to help you.

Steps you can take before the call with VividCharts

  1. Navigate to the VividCharts Data Engagement app in the ServiceNow Store.

  2. Select ‘Request App':

Once you request the app, VividCharts will be notified and will be reaching out to you to schedule the setup call. Below is a checklist for you that will help this call go smoothly:

  • Bring a ServiceNow admin from your team so they can install the app

  • Have an initial list of your teammates that you would like to grant VividCharts access to

What VividCharts will do on the installation meeting with you

  1. Guide your ServiceNow admin through actually installing the app from the Store

  2. Configure your VividCharts features based on your license with us

  3. Run the included scheduled job to get your environment set up and ready to use

  4. Guide your ServiceNow admin to give the proper VividCharts role to the teammates you want to give access to initially

  5. Walk you through our anonymous and opt-in usage data sharing program and guide your VividCharts admin through turning it on

  6. Show you where you and your teammates can find the VividCharts Data Engagement Platform so you can start building!

That's it. After this call you will be good to start using VividCharts.

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