You do not need a specific VividCharts role to access a View that is shared with you from a viewer persona standpoint. Access to VividCharts viewing is handled through share settings by a user editing that View.

Builder (x_vivid_vc_core.builder)

In order to access the VividCharts Data Engagement platform as a builder, you will need the Builder role. This will give you the ability to create Views, Collections, Links, and more.

In addition to the Builder role, you will need ServiceNow read roles that grant you access to the tables you are trying to report on. These vary by organization. If you are not seeing a table that you are trying to report on in VividCharts, you likely don't have the proper ServiceNow role or your organization might not be licensed with VividCharts for that table.

Admin (

The VividCharts admin role grants additional access to VividCharts' underlying table to perform certain operations.

A couple of key additional actions an Admin can take are creating/modifying color palettes and the ability to use the Custom Chart data source type.

ServiceNow Admin (admin)

A ServiceNow Admin will override all of the VividCharts roles and give the user full access.

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