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Q: Where can I find SPM Snapshot?

A: To navigate to SPM Snapshot, search for 'Projects' in you navigator bar, and click on 'SPM Snapshot'. Alternatively, simply search for 'SPM Snapshot' in the navigator bar.

Q: Who can access this view?

A: The IT Project Manager role is needed to access this view.

Q: How often does the data refresh?

A: Every evening during the nightly scheduled job. The scheduled job is titled 'Generate SPM Snapshot Data' and runs every night at midnight.

Q: Is the data LIVE?

A: The data on SPM Snapshot is static, and only refreshes once every 24 hours (each night at midnight)

Q: Where is this data coming from?

A: The data found on the SPM Snapshot comes from various tables found within your ServiceNow instance

Q: Do I need the ServiceNow SPM Module to utilize SPM Snapshot?

A: Yes, the ServiceNow SPM Module is needed to utilize SPM Snapshot.

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