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(Slide 3) Cost Implications Assumptions

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On the “Cost Implications” slide there are multiple analyses that allow you to get a cost estimate associated with creating status reports. In order to make those calculations, there are a few assumptions made related to the time and costs associated with those tasks.

The two estimates are:

  • Average Manual Hours per Status Report

  • Average Project Manager Hourly Cost

We have included some default values for those assumptions.

The default values are:

  • Average Manual Hours per Status Report : 30 minutes per report (0.5 hours)

  • Average Project Manager Hour Cost : $100 per hour (100)

These can be updated with your own values to more accurately reflect the true cost of creating status reports within your organization. To update these values, go to the following table within your service now instance: x_vivid_spm_snapsh_user_info by putting x_vivid_spm_snapsh_user_info.list in the search navigation.

The following charts are impacted by both values:

  • (score) Cost of manual status reports over last 12 months

  • (score) Average status reporting cost per project

  • (area) Monthly Status Reports

The following chart is only Average Manual Hours per Status Report assumption:

  • (area) Monthly Status Reports Based on Manual Hours

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