SPM Snapshot

Assess your SPM user adoption, data quality & manual reporting hours

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Have you recently implemented ServiceNow as your PMO system of record? Or have you been using ServiceNow for a while, but aren’t seeing the adoption you hoped for?

SPM Snapshot will give you a clear view into the usage around project status reporting and potential waste of resource hours spent manipulating data outside the system to create critical reports. We know you can’t manage what you don’t measure, so download this app to create a window into how your organization is utilizing ServiceNow to drive projects forward. Gain clarity on the data quality of your project records and the frequency of ServiceNow utilization by your PMs. Built on Now, SPM Snapshot allows you to automate critical views into your ServiceNow PMO user data.

SPM Snapshot App Features:

User Adoption Metrics

  • Frequency of logins by PM role type

  • Active projects last updated

  • Incomplete project records (0 RIDAC, no PM assigned, etc.)

Data Quality Metrics

  • Active projects without status updates

  • Active projects missing comments (exec summary, resource, etc.)

  • Red/yellow/green projects

Wasted Resource Hours Calculation

  • Hours spent preparing manual status reports

  • Cost implication of hours spent on reports

  • Average status reporting cost per project

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