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Getting started with SPM Snapshot - Installation and Setup
Getting started with SPM Snapshot - Installation and Setup

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To install the SPM Snapshot:

  1. Login to the ServiceNow App Store and search for SPM Snapshot in the search bar

  2. Click on the 'Get' Button

  3. Navigate to your plugins page in your ServiceNow instance by searching for 'plugins' in the navigator bar

  4. Search for 'SPM Snapshot' on the plugins page

  5. Click on 'Install' next to the SPM Snapshot plugin

  6. Once it has successfully been installed, navigate to 'Scheduled Jobs' found under System Definition

  7. Search for "Generate SPM Snapshot Data"

  8. Click into the record and hit 'Execute Now' in the upper right corner. Running this scheduled job will update the charts on the SPM Snapshot with the most recent data

    NOTE: This scheduled job will run every night a midnight, at which point the data will be refreshed

  9. Search for 'SPM Snapshot' in the navigator bar, and click to be redirected to the SPM Snapshot view

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